Zimpraise rock Watford, set for Leicester Worship and praise … Zimpraise performing at Watford Colosseum last Saturday

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THE award winning Zimpraise gospel outfit is currently in the UK for a second tour and will stage their next show in Leicester this weekend.
The group gave loyal fans a scintillating performance at the Watford Colosseum last weekend, backed by the legendary Mechanic Manyeruke who took his fans into yester-year with a polished and energetic performance.
The hugely talented Sharon Manyonganise get better and better and there seems to be no limit to what she can do on stage. When she does their flagship Sungano trademark song, she looks like she is really singing from the heavenly realm.
The Watford Colosseum performance proved that quality gospel music remains popular and that Zimpraise are the country’s undoubted leading gospel outfit.
Manyeruke and Zimpraise may look like two groups from different eras but their performance backed by a competent band of musicians proved that quality is quality no matter what time it comes from.

Taking fans down memory lane … Mechanic Manyeruke performing in Watford