ZIMRA harmonises stakeholder relations, steps up anti-corruption fight

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By Alois Vinga

THE Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) has stepped up efforts to strengthen and harmonise relations with its key stakeholders and is proceeding with its consultation programmes with calls to report and expose corruption dominating the engagement meetings.

Since the appointment of new Commissioner General, Faith Mazani, various reforms aimed at improving efficiency and transparency have been undertaken and key stakeholders are being engaged.

Wednesday morning, ZIMRA convened a workshop for Local Authorities in Harare where the message on new relations pattern was enunciated.

“My thrust currently is on four Ps- people, processes, partnerships and projects that I am driving to support the vision of ZIMRA.

“Investigations department has been rebranded to Revenue Assurance and Special Projects as we vigorously pursue the goal where our clients will voluntarily determine and remit the requisite taxes.

“This does not happen on its own but it takes engagements of this nature where we share with you the paradigm shift that ZIMRA has taken with regards to empowering its clients to be compliant,” she said.

The tax authority boss said that the thrust is to cultivate and foster a culture of voluntary compliance, through availing knowledge awareness among its clients/taxpayers in a move that will also reduce costs for ZIMRA.

“The war against corruption continues unabated, and we will not rest in the fight. We therefore call upon all local authorities who interact with us to partner us in the fight by shunning from collusion with and reporting any ZIMRA staff with corrupt tendencies,” she said.

In move aimed at maintaining zero-tolerance towards corruption, the tax authority has devised a mechanism where it routinely tracks incidence of corruption–related cases reported and investigated against its members of staff.

As a result, a total of 46 cases were investigated during the period 1 January – 15 August 2018.

ZIMRA has also introduced lifestyle audits on its staff members to sniff out corrupt accumulation of wealth.