Zimra rakes in $40 million at Beitbridge border post in December

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THE Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) raked in over $40 million at Beitbridge border post last December, despite instability of their system at the end of the year, an official said.
Acting Zimra Commissioner General, Happias Kuzvinzwa, said this during the commemorations of the World Customs Day held in Mutare Friday.
The commemorations ran under the theme “A secure business environment for economic development”.
Kuzvinzwa said the $40 million was a record collection ever since Beitbridge was opened as a border post.
“Speaking from the record not perception, in the month of December, we collected over $40 million from Beitbridge which is our focus point. Looking at years back, we never collected that amount at Beitbridge within an environment of chaos as people would like to put it.
“Zimra demonstrated resilience and commitment to make sure leakages were sealed and properly managed. This was the highest collection ever since Beitbridge came into operation as a border,” said Kuzvinzwa.
Zimra experienced systems breakdown from December 13-December 19 and this impacted negatively on their operations countrywide.
The tax collector uses asycuda world system to process its paperwork at entry points, according to Kuzvinzwa.
“Our asycuda world system for one reason or another which we are still investigating the cause of instability from December 13-19 became unstable. The system was unstable and our year ended on a bad patch considering what we had achieved in the year.
“It did not give us comfort but to our detractors it gave them a loud voice and some celebrated but as Zimra we did not focus much on effects, we said let`s focus on causes.
“We are trying to establish what causes that instability whether it was a man made or system made,” he said.
The acting commissioner said they will get to the bottom of the issue and establish the cause of the instability.
He, however, said he was happy that the system is now relatively stable and it`s now performing better than before it crushed.
“It can be proved by the number of entries processed in the system. Of course, there could be glitches here and there but our team is committed to make sure glitches are taken away,” said Kuzvinzwa.
He said Zimra will leave no stone unturned until they establish that their level of efficiency has improved.Advertisement

To solve the crisis, Kuzvinzwa said, they have procured state of the art servers expected in the country end of February.