Zimtalent Revived

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By Staff Reporter

ZIMTALENT, a platform that searches, nurtures, develops and promotes talent in the arts sector has been revived.

Zimtalent was formed in 2014 before folding due to a number of challenges.

However, it has now been revived to be an online television.

The revived platform will target all performing, visual, creative arts, and sports. The artists will advertise their talent through the Zimtalent online directory and help to market them.

Zimtalenet will also hunt for talented artists through competitions.

In an interview with operations manager for Zimtalent Nomagugu Ncube said the platform was going to have talent search competitions in 2022.

“Zimtalent is a platform that helps people discover their talent specifically for Zimbabweans even if you are not in Zimbabwe” she said.

“Zimbabweans are really talented. There is no talent that is not available, but we mainly focus on the arts side of things that is poetry, dancing, music and acting.

“We do not have age restrictions because Zimbabwe does not have many platforms to showcase talent and there are some people who are already in their 40s and they did not get the opportunity to showcase their talent so to us age does not matter, we are here.”

Ncube added: “The world needs to see the talent that you have. Recently, we did a skits competition which is going to be aired in January so we also do dramas.”

She said Zimtalent was funded by donors and individual well-wishers and sponsors willing to help are welcome.