Zip it, says Zuma to politicians who insult MK Party, or face consequences

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Former president Jacob Zuma has told politicians who “think they know politics” and are insulting the Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK) Party to “zip it” before he reveals their true colours.

Zuma was speaking during the newly formed party’s meeting which was held in Verulam, north of Durban, on Tuesday.

Despite heavy rainfall, approximately 300 individuals attended the meeting at Mzo Lifestyle, where Duduzile Zuma and Comrade Khumalo were scheduled to speak.

“Some individuals speak ill of Umkhonto [spear] without understanding its origins. When in leadership positions, arrogance shouldn’t prevail. Instead of insults, focus on politics. If they persist, a time will come when we’ll reveal uncomfortable truths about them. There are individuals known to us, and their true nature will be exposed for all to see. Hence they should remain silent,” said Zuma.

Last week in Soweto, Zuma declared his intention not to vote for the ANC in the upcoming election. He also stated his decision not to campaign for the party.

After 64 years as an ANC member, Zuma cited a moral stance against supporting the “current ANC” and pledged his vote to the MK Party.

“While many of us fought for freedom, it’s disheartening that some forget our ongoing oppression. We’re under a ruling party led by individuals behaving like thugs. I refrain from elaborating now, but during our campaign, we won’t resort to insults. Instead, we’ll aim to recruit members for the revolution.

“Our freedom remains incomplete, and unfortunately, some of our own people obstruct it. With five months until the elections, there’s time to present facts and engage in dialogue,” he remarked.

Khumalo said the party has been registered with Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) and there is a certificate which proves it is a political party and not an association.

MK Party will go to the polls. Those who say they are taking us to court must do us as they wish

Comrade Khumalo

He said there was a difference between the MK party, MK Lite and the MKVA.

“People say we took a trademark of MK Lite. MK Lite is an association and MKVA is also an association, but they are all our comrades and within Umkhonto we Sizwe. Those who claim we are fake are the ones that don’t understand and can’t differentiate

“MK Party will go to the polls. Those who say they are taking us to court must do us as they wish,” said Khumalo.

He assured the crowd that the MK Party will be on the ballot paper next year and urged them to recruit as many members as they could.

Khumalo also warned members to be careful of opportunists who have come in and created fake branches and provincial leadership.

“We are yet to point anyone and our current leadership is temporal until we go to the conference. We have an interim leadership in provinces and nationally. For now, we are creating structures.

“I have also been advised about fake letters speaking about a party’s conference in Orlando Stadium. I want to tell you that it’s all lies. If the letter is not signed by me or our secretary, it’s fake. Some opportunists are trying to overtake us thinking there is no leadership — well, there is leadership.”

The party is not a KZN party or for Zulus’ only but is a national player, he said.

Khumalo also distanced the party from “tribalistic” remarks directed at EFF leader Julius Malema by former Ukhozi FM radio personality Ngizwe Mchunu, who is reported to have said the EFF should have their manifesto launch in Polokwane rather than KZN.