Zodwa Wabantu puts wedding plans on hold: ‘I’m just feeling emotionally drained’

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After proposing to her bae Ntobeko Linda in May, Zodwa Wabantu has now put the wedding plans on hold.

Sharing a post on Instagram on Saturday, the entertainer wrote: “I’m loosingmyself. I need my spark back. I’m not happy anymore. Free Ntobeko he’s still growing. No wedding. [sic]”

Speaking to The Juice on Monday, Zodwa said that she has not necessarily called off the wedding.

“I’m just tired from the relationship. I’m hurt so I’m taking time off from him. Not from the relationship or the wedding. So, it’s just a break,” she said.

When asked if the decision was a mutual one between her and Ntobeko, the star said “no.”

“It’s up to me. I’ll see how I feel. Or if I’m okay. Or how I can fix our relationship,” she told us when we questioned if the wedding will definitely still happen in future.

According to Zodwa, her decision to take a break from the relationship comes at a time where she feels like she is struggling to find “balance” in her life.

“I’m just feeling emotionally drained. I think it’s everything. So, I just need time off for myself then I will see.”