ZRP In Mass Transfers Of Police Officers

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By Staff Reporter

THE Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) is undertaking mass transfers of senior police officers who have been at stations for five years or more.

As is norm in the police, members who serve at a station or section five years or more, must be transferred in order to curb corruption, among other reasons.

In a memorandum seen by, ZRP chief staff officer human resources administration, Commissioner Patson Nyabadza instructed all provincial commanders to start the process which must be completed by April 28, 2022.

Nyabadza wrote: “Please be kindly advised that this office has noted with great concern that some members have overstayed at stations and sections. This has often compromised work efficiency and ultimately service delivery as members either become over familiarised with their policing environments or become impediments to new work ethics.”

“In an endeavour to enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness in the police service, you are directed to effect transfers of members who have been at one station for a period of five (5) years and above.”

Nyabadza said besides breaking monotony, the impending transfers would ensure officers rotate duties and build all-round professionals.

“Officer commanding police provinces are to execute transfers within their provinces not later than 28 April 2022 and furnish headquarters with copies of the transfers once implemented,” he aid.

The movements will be done in accordance with provisions of the Police Standing Orders Volume 1 as read with paragraph 2.2 of the ZRP Transfer Policy.