ZRP Officer Charged With Sodomising Student; Caught In The Act By Colleagues

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By Paul Katanda

A 36-year-old police officer was Tuesday dragged before the Harare Magistrates’ Courts facing three counts of aggravated indecency.

Hillary Zano (36) was remanded in custody to February 2 by magistrate Yeukai Dzuda.

Court heard that the first attack occured on January 12 this year after Zano asked the complainant (18), a student, to accompany him to his workplace where the latter could use internet facilities for his studies.

The two reportedly met at the Mbudzi Roundabout at around 1900 hours and drove to Someby where they got into an office where Zano gave the student a laptop for his studies.

At around 2300 hours, Zano reportedly took some blankets from his vehicle and told the complainant that they should go to sleep.

The accused reportedly insisted that they sleep naked but the complainant refused.

Court heard that Zano took a silver pistol from his bag and ordered the complainant to remove his clothes after which the latter complied due to fear.

Zano then raped the complainant once, after which the two slept in the office.

The attack was repeated the next morning before Zano drove the complainant to Mbudzi Roundabout and gave him US$1.

On 17 January, the accused reportedly proceeded to the complainant’s place of residence at around 2200 hours.

He asked the complainant’s mother to allow her son to accompany him to his workplace.

The complainant’s mother agreed after being told her son would benefit from the use of WiFi for his studies.

Prosecutors say when the two arrived at Zano’s office, the accused produced a pistol and ordered the complainant to remove his clothes.

He proceeded to sexually abuse the student before dropping him off at Mbudzi Roundabout the next morning after giving him USD$1.

Prosecutors allege that about a week later on 22 January, Zano phoned the complainant at about 1945 hours and arranged that they again meet at Mbudzi Roundabout.

Zano later picked the complainant up and drove to Southlea ZRP Charge Office where he parked his vehicle.

He ordered the complainant to take his clothes off and the latter complied.

Zano also removed his clothes, but as he was about to sexually abuse the complainant, Southlea Park police officers arrived at the scene and found the two naked.

The accused put his clothes back on and handed his police ID card to the ZRP officers before escaping.

Upon being interviewed, the complainant revealed the repeated abuse leading Zano’s arrest.

Lynette Gwarisa represented the State.