ZRP sued for seizing auctioned vehicles

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By Mary Taruvinga

POLICE Assistant Commissioner Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Crispen Charumbira has been dragged to court by a local man for seizing two vehicles the latter bought from an auction five years ago.

Charumbira was cited as respondent together with Police Commissioner General, Godwin Matanga in court papers now before the High Court.

The complainant, Vusumuzi Ncube said he has been waiting for his cars or response from ZRP for the past five years but was being ignored.

According to court papers, sometime in 2015, the ZRP flighted an auction advert in The Herald dated January 13, 2015 which was to be held at the ZRP Cranborne Workshop in Harare.

Ncube said he visited the workshop and got interested in two vehicles, a Land Rover Freelander and Mazda Capella which were non-runners at the time.

“All the registration processes were done, and I eventually got the two vehicles repaired,” said Ncube.

He said on May 29, 2018 he was called by an officer from Charumbira’s office by the name Detective Constable Padzashamba to bring the two vehicles to Criminal Investigations Department Headquarters on the grounds police had some details to verify on them.

“I drove the Land Rover Freelander to CID HQ and caused the Mazda Capella which was then in Bulawayo to be driven to CID department in that city on the following day.

“Upon delivery of both vehicles, they were seized by the police officers and no receipts of seizure were issued in respect of the two vehicles.

“I waited for some reasonable period for the return of the vehicles or be advised of the reasons for the seizure of the vehicles, but I was never advised of the reasons why the vehicles were seized,” he said.

Ncube also said he wrote to Charumbira inquiring about the two vehicles and was told they were being held as exhibits in cases of theft and criminal abuse of office.

He said he has been waiting for all this time, but no further communication was made to him adding that the continued denial of access to the automobiles was causing immeasurable prejudice to his family.

“I have a physically challenged child who constantly needs physiotherapy medical attention. I have no vehicle to transport him to the hospital. I have thus approached this court with the present application,” Ncube further says in his application.

The case is yet to be heard.