Zupco: Could be a fresh target for corrupt hawks in the corridors of power

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By Idah Mhetu

FOR years Zimbabwe has struggled to resuscitate its urban transport system, brought down to its knees by a combination of corruption, nepotism, greed and mismanagement. Zupco was pilfered by its senior managers with none having been prosecuted. President Emmerson Mnangagwa has set in motion a programme to bring the company back to life and this week commissioned 24 buses as part of a 500 string fleet promises early this year.

Below is the launch in pictures as captured by

President Mnangagwa getting a feel of one of the new Zupco buses

Gleaning and waiting to either serve the people or be pillaged…some of the new buses

Chinhoyi University of Technology student Talon Garikai created a pre-paid ticketing system to be used by Zupco aimed at plugging corruption and theft loopholes. Here is is congratulated by President Mnangagwa

‘We will target criminals around Zupco’: President Mnangagwa seems to be saying as he chats with Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister SB Moyo at the launch in Harare

Once the pride of the country’s public transport sector, Zupco was brought to its knees by corruption

A new dawn for suffering Zupco workers. There could actually be a future for these and more