Zupco embarks on fumigation exercise on Harare bus termini

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By Costa Nkomo

PUBLIC transporter, Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (ZUPCO) has, since Monday this week, been fumigating major bus termini in Harare’s CBD in attempts to curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Harare bus termini such as Copacabana have been under spotlight for poor hygiene, scenes that pose a health hazard to residents.

As a way of mitigating the spread of the dreaded coronavirus which has seen the country confirm eight cases and one death, ZUPCO has embarked on disinfecting its buses and termini to try and minimise chances of an outbreak among users of its facilities.

ZUPCO is the only transporter that has been allowed to operate during a government imposed 21-day lockdown.

Addressing journalists on the third day of the disinfection exercise Wednesday, ZUPCO chief executive, Everisto Madangwa said the fumigation process will be also extended to other parts of the country.

“This is going to be a countrywide exercise wherever we pick our passengers from. And it’s an ongoing exercise for the 21 lockdown days,” he said.

Madangwa said the company had adequate chemicals to see the disinfection exercise through, thanks to material support granted by the country’s health ministry and other well-wishers.

“We have partners like the Ministry of Health and other well-wishers who have donated chemicals also. Everyone is in it,” he added.

Madangwa however could not commit to estimations on the costs involved in the entire exercise.

“We cannot say how much is this exercise going to cost because it’s going to be a 21-day exercise.

“The most important thing at the moment is to make sure that we disinfect the termini and not look at the costs. What is important is to fight the spread of the Coronavirus,” he said.

Some of the workers disinfecting Copacabana rank