Zvakavapano sentenced to 5 months in jail for negligent driving

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POPULAR gospel singer Fungisai Zvakavapano was Tuesday caged five months for causing a road accident.
Zvakavapano was, however, given an option to pay $200 fine or risk going behind the bars while three months of her sentence was wholly suspended on condition that she does not commit a similar offence in five years.
She pleaded guilty to negligent driving before magistrate Ruramai Chitumbura, Monday. She admitted that when the accident occurred she was speeding.
The accident left four vehicles damaged and also one person injured.
According to prosecutor Isheunesu Mhiti, Zvakavapano failed to drive properly while overtaking and hit a vehicle which was on the outer lane when she was driving along Leopold Takawira in Harare.
Other particulars of negligent driving include driving too close to another vehicle, failing to stop or act reasonably when collision was imminent and failure to keep proper look out.
On the day in question, court heard, upon approaching a certain point, she was driving too close to a vehicle which was being driven by one Onias Kapuranyika.
Zvakavapano allegedly failed to keep a proper look out while overtaking and hit a vehicle which was being driven by Kudakwashe Makwara on the front wheel.
Suddenly, she lost control and hit Kapuranyika’s vehicle on the rear left side.
Patrick Zimbiru, who was driving behind Zvakavapano, rammed behind her vehicle leaving both vehicles damaged.Advertisement