Zvinhu Zvirikufaya: Zimbabwe’s first major internet meme

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IF you use Facebook you have likely noticed of the “Zvinhu Zvirikufaya” phenomenon that is going viral in the Zimbabwean corners of social media. In essence, Zvirikufaya involves posting a short cell-phone video where one testifies as to why “zvinhu zvirikufaya” (things are going well) in their life.
The videos posted so far have been as varied as they are interesting. For example, one young man from Australia posted a video of his online bank account that held roughly $3 million, or as he called it, “3 metre”. Comedy ensued as the audience accused him of having Indian Rupees and he posted further videos (now all taken down) to convince them that he was telling the truth.
A man in Zimbabwe posted a video of himself preparing a goat, making the argument that things are going well for him because he can enjoy goat meat while those in the UK cannot. A mother in the USA posted a charming video of her and her family returning from a party in a “Zimoco” while explaining that things were firing for her because she has Brazilian hair and her kids have iPads.
One poster living in South Africa showed off his garage that held luxury cars with a combined value of over a million U$D. Finally, one comedian got his son to record him while he bragged about having a waterbed and then when the video zoomed out he was on the floor.
Zviri Kufaya – Water Melon