Chiyangwa’s Wife Of 26 Years Demands Half Share Of Tycoon’s Wealth

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By Mary Taruvinga

ZANU PF legislator and flamboyant businessman, Phillip Chiyangwa, has been dragged to court by his ex-wife, Saniso Katerere who is demanding half share of his wealth plus maintenance and child support amounting US$3 500 per month.

Katerere told court that she parted ways with Chiyangwa because he was abusive.

She went on to claim half of his empire arguing that she directly contributed and also sold two of her father’s upmarket houses while laying the foundation for her ex-husband’s empire which is now doing very well.

The controversial politician’s ex-wife said Chiyangwa would be unjustly enriched if she is not awarded part of the wealth in his name.

“The defendant (Chiyangwa) stands to be unjustly enriched if there is no equitable distribution of the assets acquired during the existence of the parties’ unregistered customary law union consummated sometime in 1993,” she said.

Katerere also prayed for an order that there be a division of the parties’ assets and an order for maintenance for the couple’s child born in 1999, in the local currency equivalent of US$3 500, university fees, medical aid, flight tickets to and from university and any extra requirements raised from time to time by the university until he finishes his undergraduate studies or becomes self-sufficient whichever occurs earlier plus costs of suit.

In her declaration, she told the High Court that she was customarily married to Chiyangwa in 1993 and their union lasted 26 years. Two children were born of the union in 1999 and in 1994.

She said Chiyangwa physical, emotionally and verbally abused her to the extent the union ceased to exist.

“Plaintiff contributed significantly to the establishment and growth of the defendant’s business empire and investment vehicles directly through financial means, labour and skill and indirectly by providing defendant with emotional, physical, domestic support as a wife and as a mother to four of his children from other unions,” she said.

Katerere said she also supported Chiyangwa in his political and football administration career.

She wants to be declared sole owner of their house in Bryaston, Harare, two Mercedes Benz vehicles, to be awarded all the rights and interest in Old Citrus Farm in Chinhoyi, while Chiyangwa is declared sole owner of five top-of-the-range vehicles.

She wants 50% share in their 17 businesses including the Pinnacle Property Company (Private ) Limited and Native Investments Africa Group.

Katerere also wants 50 percent share of the assets held by The Chiyangwa Family Trust and that each party keeps movable property in their possession.

The case is pending.