Defiant Kwekwe mayor pledges Chamisa allegiance

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By Staff Reporter

KWEKWE mayor Angeline Kasipo has bravely pledged unwavering loyalty to embattled MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa whose loyalists are being recalled from parliament and councils by the rival Thokozani Kupe led MDC-T.

This follows claims the country’s only female mayor had jumped ship by joining MDC-T.

But Kasipo told weekend her loyalties were still with Chamisa, risking the ire of MDC-T.

The MDC Alliance leader enjoys grassroot popularity, but his powers were taken away from him by the courts which ruled April this year his rise to becoming opposition chief violated the MDC constitution.

This has left his loyalists holding public office at the mercy of a marauding Khupe and her group who have stopped at nothing to recall rivals.

Amid the risk of a recall, Kasipo has put up a brave face to declare loyalty to Chamisa.

“Those rumours are not true, I have not crossed any floor,” she said.

“I am an MDC Alliance councillor and my loyalty lies with Chamisa. I am not going anywhere,” said Kasipo, who is also Kwekwe councillor for Ward 10.

Three councillors from Kwekwe have since crossed the floor to join Khupe.

They are Joshua Tinago (Ward 11), Mercy Ranga (Ward 4) and Future Titora (Ward 2).

According to MDC Alliance Midlands provincial spokesperson Takavafira Zhou, the three, “have openly and publicly confirmed to have joined MDC-T led by Khupe”.

Zhou said it was the councillors’ right to dissociate themselves from MDC Alliance.

“It is true that three councillors have joined MDC-T and we respect their right to dissociate from us and associate with MDC-T.

“Every person has that right to dissociate and associate and we wish them good luck in their endeavours,” Zhou said.

He said the departure of the three was not going to affect MDC Alliance.

“However, politics is about grassroots support and we are aware that MDC Alliance has a credible grassroots support so much that the departure of the trio has no political traction.

“Soon they may regret their move as the ascendancy of MDC Alliance is unstoppable,” he said.

He added, “Sooner or later we will convert our popularity into state power. No amount of force, brutality and chicanery can stop an idea whose time is up.

“Chamisa and MDC Alliance are the real deal in Zimbabwe’s political future.”