Dumiso Dabengwa’s party blasts govt for alleged tribalism

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By Bulawayo Correspondent

FORMER cabinet minister Dumiso Dabengwa’s party has slammed the Zanu PF government for alleged tribalism and failure to roll out devolution to allow the country’s different regions to exercise some autonomy over their resources.

In an interview with, party acting president, Isaac Mabuka also admitted the death in May this year, of the liberation war icon was a blow to the opposition party.

Mabuka urged government to decisively deal with corruption, constitutionalism, tribalism, nepotism and leadership incompetence, blaming the ills for the suffering ordinary Zimbabweans were experiencing.

He said hopes of a return to any economic prosperity by the country shall remain a pipe dream if authorities failed to address the issues.

“Let us, as we start another year, come together and forge a united front against bad governance, corruption, theft, constitutionalism, tribalism, nepotism and leadership incompetence.

“These have characterised our situation today as they form part of the root causes of our suffering,” he said.

The Zapu interim leader also implored government to speedily implement constitutional as well as political reforms which were agreed during the formation of the now defunct unity administration between old foes Zanu PF and MDC 2008.

The government of national unity spearheaded the crafting of a new constitution and also recommended a raft of political reforms.

Up to date, some of the new constitutional provisions and reforms have not yet been implemented.

Said Mabuka, “Let me, in the same breath, also reiterate on the importance and necessity of implementing constitutional and political reforms as agreed to during the 2008 GNU negotiations and as contained in the new constitution that was adopted in 2013.

“It is no secret that failure to implement and administer these is the main reason why the country finds itself stuck in a mud puddle and unable to move.”

He also bemoaned government inertia in implementing devolution of power, a policy thrust his party has been campaigning for.

“Let us all work at addressing and reversing issues of inequality, political and social domination of others by those privileged by state power by implementing devolution of power as provided for by our constitution,” he said.

“Bastardisation of devolution by the ruling regime must be fought by Zimbabweans as we all chart a new chapter in the way our country must be governed,” he said.

Mabuka added that the death of party president, Dabengwa also dealt a major blow to the organisation.

“It is the same year that the party and the nation of Zimbabwe lost its president and national hero comrade Dumiso Dabengwa who departed on May 23.

“It is a loss the party can never adjust to unless we put up a united force, as he was a huge pillar of both the party and the nation,” he said.