Go to hell: raging Zanu PF spokesman Mutsvangwa tells meddling British MPs

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By Leopold Munhende, Chief Correspondent

AN irate Zanu PF spokesman, Christopher Mutsvangwa, has launched a stinging attack on British MPs, describing them as political toddlers suffering from a colonial hangover.

This comes after the MPs criticised President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration and accused Zanu PF of killing the MDC party last week.

Addressing journalists in Harare Tuesday, the raging Mutsvangwa tore British Lord Jonathan Oates to shreds after he led the the anti-Mnangagwa debate in the House of Lords.

Oates also dismissed opposition MDC-T as a Zanu PF puppet party.

“There is a persistent effort on the part of the British to continue to involve themselves in Zimbabwean politics as if London still is the imperial master of Harare. This we reject with contempt. It is against the norms of the UN where Britain is the founding member,” Mutsvangwa fumed.

“One would have thought that with all that colonial disengagement that Britain has finally understood that nations are sovereign. Alas that is not being found in British politics as to their engagements in Zimbabwe. A certain John Oates, born in 1969, was a fledgling toddler when we fought the liberation. He comes in here under the guise of being a teacher when actually he was an intelligence officer,” Mutsvangwa said

“He trains his art in infiltration of the Zimbabwean society, goes back and using that relic of feudalism which is lordship and still is part of the British parliament where heredity gives somebody status in politics and life, extending all the way to the monarchy. He now uses that podium to start exposing the dark hand of British politics in the opposition engagements of the Zimbabwean political parties who are constitutionally protected to carry out their activities as the opposition.”

“This is a constitution begat of a military struggle which gave them the democracy which they have. Had it not been for ZIPRA and ZANLA which waged a war, many of them would have been cattle herders, hunting birds with catapults; all those Chamisas and Bitis, because that is how we grew up, we the generation which fought the war. We were made to be marginalised without any prospect of being part of the global society which Zimbabwe is today.”

“Now we give them a platform, these opposition, to enjoy the pleasure of being decision makers in their country; what do they use that platform for, they become willing agents of foreigners who openly boast in their own legislature abroad that they run the opposition in Zimbabwe. They have gone further. They now arbitrate and abate fights within that opposition movement. For a British lord to have the temerity to say we do not like Mwonzora because he is not opposed to Zanu PF the way we like, we like Chamisa because he panders to our bidding, is the height of imperial arrogance.”

“We say to the British parliament, the British public, can you call your politicians to order, you elect them to run British affairs you do not elect them to interfere in Zimbabwean political affairs. We call upon the British establishment to desist from interfering in Zimbabwe an affairs as if Zimbabwe is still their colony, we know the price we paid for Zimbabwe; 80 000 to 100 000 souls dead.”

Mutsvangwa vowed that the much feared Private Voluntary Organisations bill (PVO) will as a result of the interference be passed into law.

The law has been criticised by civic society and politicians.

“To this effect the Private Voluntary Organisations bill (PVO) will be passed by our parliament,” he warned.

“We want to be very clear in our constitution when we start engaging with those with imperial ideas which seem to be hanging in their memories that if they start interfering in Zimbabwean politics in a manner which is brazen which reflects to days when they had an army in this country carrying their orders, those days are over.”

“We will have the PVO bill be able to delineate what is nationalism, what is patriotism, what is treachery and what is treachery. The British have a similar bil, the American have a similar law, in fact out bill is based on the American one.”

“If you want to know what happens to you if you go against an American act that designates a country as an enemy country you need to ask what happened to Gregory tenor whom we buried in Zimbabwe. He dared to mobilise Americans against the ZIDERA, he was taken to a federal court in Chicago, he was sentenced to jail for being a Zimbabwean agent and he had to live in exile afterwards and he died in this country and we accorded him hero status.”