Varsity Students for ED commend Education 5.0 model

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By Alois Vinga

THE NEWLY established Varsity Students for ED (VasED) has hailed the adoption of the Education 5.0 model, saying it is key in turning around the country’s economic fortunes.

The model entails the use of new technologies to provide more humanised teaching, with a focus on students’ social and emotional development and solutions that improve life in society.

All social spheres – like work, industry, and health – have come to understand that technology can (and should) be favourable to life. And it couldn’t be any different with education, which is the basis of people’s upbringing.

Implementation of the model is currently underway in Zimbabwe as authorities move to abandon colonial models of education which fell short of honing industrial relevant skills.

Impressed by the model, VasED, a grouping of  patriotic university students in the country, said the model is in tandem with Vision 2030.

VasED chairman ,Thomas Chidamba said the education 5.0 learning model is a game-changer that will give an opportunity to all graduates to contribute to the success of vision 2030.

“Having observed that our Higher and Tertiary Education ministry rolled out education 5.0 policy, we were obliged to support that vision,” he said.

“We  embraced this (education 5.0) learning model because an educated society is crucial for economic development and economic growth.

“President Mnangagwa has inculcated in us that education is the most powerful weapon we can possibly have, and with it, can make all dreams come true.

“So, education is something that is not only needed on a personal level but also on a country- if not world- level, as it is something that keeps our country safe and a peaceful place to be as it can teach people the difference between right and wrong.”

Chidamba, who is a Masters in Archaeological Forensics student at the University of Zimbabwe, said President Mnangagwa’s vision to afford everyone a chance to education will also help in the growth of the economy through innovation participation and proffering solutions to problems bedevilling the economy.

“The vision of President Mnangagwa of affording everyone with the same opportunity to education  is going result in less gaps between social classes.

“Everyone is going to be able to have an equal chance to contribute to the economy, not just those that are already well off.

“Educated people are open-minded and are able to listen and accept other people’s views regardless of the fact of how different they are,” he said.

Turning to politics, Chidamba said university students should exercise their constitutional right to register to vote and vote for a tried and tested leader.

“With education, people can be better patriots, knowing right from wrong, allowing for a better society where laws are followed,” he said.

“An educated nation knows about the importance of voting, voting for the trusted leader, doing so with knowledge, not blindly, but also having an understanding of what their revolutionary party truly stands for.”