Zanu PF Primaries: Mliswa says losing MPs were let down by govt

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By Anna Chibamu

NORTON independent MP Temba Mliswa has blamed government for losses experienced by some legislators in the recently held Zanu Pf primaries.

On a point of national interest on Tuesday, Mliswa told deputy speaker Tsitsi Gezi that government did not give MPs their allowances on time and they went into campaign season with inadequate resources.

“We are very few here as a result of accommodation challenges and this is partly why my other colleagues lost because of lack of resources.

“This is a serious issue because they cannot participate here.

“This institution is important and it must never lack resources at any given time. If it is not well taken care of, how then does a country move forward when we only have a few people here to debate on national issues?

“They cannot be accommodated in hotels, they are sleeping in cars, they are impoverished, they are using their own monies because allowances come late,” said Mliswa.

He added: “Their salaries are not even worth it, they are forced to go to campaign for elections without even being paid allowances.  It is quite sad that no action is taken and this institution is not being taken seriously.

“I would blame the executive for being responsible for the failure of the Members of Parliament.

“Even those that lost, it was part of the machinations of the executive to make sure that they do not resource this Parliament so that some of the people do not come back,” the MP said.

The outspoken MP said legislators made promises they never fulfilled because they did not receive the constituency allowances they were counting on.

“Some worked hard, some did what they could and some promised things that this House was supposed to provide.

“We went and told people that there will be Information Centres but the centres are not there.

“We promised certain constituency allowance but they did not get it. People will not want to entertain you and call you a liar, how can they vote you back into office?  It is the responsibility of the executive and I blame the executive for deliberately letting these members of Parliament down.”

He alleged Zanu PF MPs went for the primaries without promised $30 000 and a car.

Mliswa raised concerns over the recent loans given to MPs which caused a stir on social media.

“Ministers were given $500 000 for houses, deputy ministers $350 000, senior directors in the CIO $350 000.  We do oversight and pass their budget here and when $40 000 was being given to members of Parliament, there was no noise.

Buhera South MP Joseph Chinotimba, Chegutu West MP Dexter Nduna are some of the legislators that lost in the Zanu PF primaries whom Mliswa described as resourceful in worthy contributions.