African Gunners: A Cocktail of Talent and Rhythm

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North London doesn’t sound like a place where a boy from Africa would feel like home, but a lot of talented players from the continent made the Emirates stands chant their names. In such a multicultural pot, with the rains falling as often as bookmakers having to pay out checks for the Tottenham loss bets, African Gooners have become a big part of this glorious club history. Let’s remember who made the biggest impact, and if you love football so badly that you need it everywhere, try playing football-themed slots from betway live casino games using your phone, available at the link.

From African backyard to the Big City

Imagine the shock of a young African player suddenly finding himself in a city where the wildest lion is the one in Trafalgar Square. From chasing gazelles (read: footballs) on the savannah to chasing double-deckers in Piccadilly Circus. That’s exactly the journey many of Arsenal’s African stars have taken.

Kanu’s cannon and other wonders

Nwankwo Kanu, the man with legs so long he could dribble himself, was one of the first to show that Africa had more to offer than just exotic safari trips. With a kick that could send the ball from London to Lagos, he set the stage for a parade of African talent.

The ivory tower in defence

Kolo Touré, who became “Invincible” with both Arsenal and Celtic, showed that he’s not just a wall, but a moving one. His tackles were so hard that even the English forwards began to consider going on safari instead.

Aubameyang: The gazelle in wellies

And then there’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, the man who runs so fast that he actually arrived at the match before he left home. With a haircut to rival the wildest birds in the Serengeti, he showed that style and substance can go hand in hand.

Fan clubs in Africa

Thanks to these stars, there are now Arsenal fan clubs all over Africa. From small villages where the only electricity comes from the excitement of Arsenal matches to big cities where “Gunners” is shouted as often as “Hello”.

Talent scouts on safari

Arsenal scouts have become so eager to find the next African diamond that they are now going on a ‘football safari’. Armed with binoculars and notebooks, they scour the continent for young talents who can dribble as well as a cheetah can sprint.

Culture clash on the training pitch

Imagine the scenario: an English coach is trying to explain the offside rule to a player who is used to navigating the dense jungle. It’s not just tactics that are exchanged on Arsenal’s training pitches, but also a good dose of cultural understanding and possibly some exotic language courses.

The rhythm of the drums meets The Beatles

African players have not only brought talent to the Emirates Stadium, but also a whole lot of rhythm. Suddenly, the classic English battle chants were accompanied by drums and dance. It has given a whole new meaning to the term “football samba” – just with a little more Kalahari flavour.

A win-win situation

It is hard to deny the legacy that such African players as Kanu or Touré left in Arsenal, bringing glory to the club, more viewers from the continent and expanding the market for both team and fans. The entertainment factor that these talents always took to the field with them made viewers die with delight, rivals had to worry about the unpredictability of the next action.

The hopes are always high when the next “Aubameyang” emerges in the news as a transfer target for your favourite club. Just don’t overhype the situation and you won’t have the new Nicolas Pepe story on your hands.