Art exhibition commemorates liberation war heroines

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FEMALE cadres who fought in the liberation struggle that birthed the nation of Zimbabwe were recently commemorated in a visual arts exhibition held at the National Arts Gallery (NAG) in Mutare recently.

Dubbed ‘Manicaland Liberation War Base’, the exhibition features graphic ink portraits, multimedia creations and scenic photography that depicts the triumphs, struggles and aspirations that Zimbabwe harbours as a nation.

Graphic ink sketches of the Minister of State for Manicaland Province Monica Mutsvangwa, MPs for Mutare South Nyasha Chikwinya, Irene Zindi (Mutasa South), Water and Climate minister Oppah Muchinguri and the late Victoria Chitepo were hung alongside those of other influential male figures who were instrumental in the liberation of Zimbabwe.

National Gallery of Zimbabwe Regional Manager and Curator, Elizabeth Muusha, said this event was a first of its kind as it includes the Province of Manica in Mozambique.

“The Manicaland province to the Eastern Borders of the country share political borders with Mozambique and in this exhibition there are historic photographs that highlight the bi-lateral relations between the two provinces.

“Manicaland of Zimbabwe and Manica of Mozambique assisted each other during the 2nd chimurenga and this exhibition seeks to inform, educate and inspire all novices to Zimbabwe’s historic independence especially the role played by women during the struggle,” said Muusha.

She said the exhibition is a selection of heroines and profile stories that relate to the bi-lateral relations between Manicaland and Manica provinces.

“As such, the exhibition is an appreciation by artist participants towards the new dispensation’s inclusive approach. Taking it that history is inevitable, such exhibitions should be annual events benefiting especially the young and future generations,” said Muusha.

She said the exhibition opens a window of economic development based on the current socio-economic status of the province.

“Contemporary art is therefore used in this exhibition as means of communication to all viewers regardless of race, age, creed, colour. History is therefore a strong foundation to informed decisions, education and inspired economic development,” said Muusha.

Minister Mutsvangwa said youths should find inspiration in the bravery shown by females and their male counterparts during the liberation struggle.

“The accolades and heroes on display should serve as an inspiration to the youths and should spur them to achieve and contribute significantly to the development of our country,” said Mutsvangwa.