Artistes gear up for Garamumba Iwe final

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By Munashe Makuwe

AFTER a series of shows, the Garamumba Iwe finally roars into life with top artistes Alick Macheso and Enzo Ishall saying they were geared up for the Uncle Epatan Album launch this Wednesday.

The show will hold performances by local artist being Enzo Ishall, Zhakata, Killer T, Alick Macheso and the man of the moment Uncle Epatani.

Macheso did not shy away from showing his excitement via an Instagram video as he is getting ready for the show.

Enzo Ishall also put out a video of his own also showing that he was ready for the album launch stating “It’s time for the good vibes”.

The album launch has been given much hype since its announcement by Passion Java and the local artist that are going to be performing.

The show will be aired on the Zimbabwe Social Media Facebook page for fans to tune in and enjoy.

Aleck Macheso video below on Uncle Epatani launch