Author pens insightful book on marriage from the hospital bed

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By Alois Vinga

UPCOMING author, Thembelani Maposa has penned an insightful book which tackles the underlying causes of marriage breakdowns and proffers a number of solutions to resolve problems and avoid divorces.

Speaking during an exclusive interview with Friday, Maposa said he decided to write the book titled, “Why Marriages Fail Volume One” during his stay in hospital where he endured a prolonged battle against a lung complication.

“The day I decided to write this book I was on my hospital bed on the 10th of May 2019, around 11:00 am after being told three hours earlier, that one of my lungs had water/fluid. At this point I was tired, after seven months of sickness and at least four near death experiences.

“I could not walk without support, my body was weak, I was in pain and I had lost so much weight and I did not see myself recovering,” he said.

Maposa says one thing which kept ringing at the back of his mind was the issue of marriage and this prompted him to pen the detailed masterpiece.

The interactive book which is premised on a practical doesn’t just tell readers about what to do or what not to do but it shows why and how human behaviour, weaknesses and emotional needs interact and contribute in causing marriage problems.

It tackles the impact of one’s Mind-set; beliefs and perceptions and connects these to show how they may impact on marriage.

The must read 558 paged interactive piece addresses personality; emotional need and human weaknesses issues behavioural aspects and reaches the apex which awakens readers to the realistic facts of life which leaves one with imperative understanding of marriage.

Marriage failure is addressed from 13 categories, which are: foundational issues, reality issues, philosophy issues, communication issues, behavioural issues, financial issues, emotional issues, social issues, mind-set issues, spiritual issues, sexual issues, guidance issues and practical issues.

The book is available  on Amazon and local readers can reach the writer to get a copy.

“I have manuscripts for 38 books written over 13 years. This includes the research work I have also done for other book projects in line with my target of writing 100 books by 2025,” added Maposa.