Behind the New Player Hook: Why Casinos Incentivize Beginners with Perks and Freebies

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It has become the order of the day that for every new casino you sign up for, there is a welcome bonus on offer. Take a stroll through 10 online casinos on the net today, and you will most likely find at least 9 of them packed with a welcome bonus. This has, over time, grown to be a culture that doesn’t seem to be fading anytime soon, given the perks it poses for the brand.

Have you ever wondered why casinos take this route of losing funds to hook new users? Hang in there as we explore why online casinos offer bonuses to new players.

To Attract New Players

This comes as a no-brainer. It is important to note that casinos are not in the business of handing out freebies; they do so because, in the long run, there is something to gain. Naturally, people are wired to be psyched about freebies. The same psychology has reinforced the agelong marketing strategy of offering discounts to incentivize patronage.

In the iGaming industry, words spread fast about online casinos offering the best bonuses. Some people are always looking for online casino platforms with the best bonuses and would hinge on their decision to register with a casino based on the allure of the welcome bonus.

To Outdo the Competition

The casino gaming industry has proven to be highly competitive. There are probably thousands of online casinos sprouting daily, burdening the existing ones with a struggle to stay relevant. This sparks no surprise, seeing as the industry generates billions of dollars in revenue yearly, and every stakeholder on board aims to get a piece of the pie.

For such a competitive industry, standing out proves to be difficult. This leaves brands to harness unorthodox means to stand out from the competition. One of the strategies that has proven over time to be the most effective is offering freebies. Typically, online casinos that go all out in offering mouth-watering bonuses end up getting the most attention from users as it plays to their needs.

To Build Trust

For casino players today, there is this innate fear they have over trying out new casinos, which stems from unpleasant stories from players who are victims of fraudulent casinos. With the fleet of online casinos today, there is even a bigger representation of fraudulent ones, making trusting a new casino tougher.

This imposes a responsibility on every serious new casino to prove to users that they have their best interests at heart. Being able to do that fosters a certain level of connection with the brand, which keeps the users glued, preventing them from patronizing other casinos.

However, this can be a challenging task for a new casino, especially one that doesn’t have a solid reputation in the industry. Today, online casinos are getting smarter by using bonuses to foster trust by allowing them to experience the site themselves. The reasoning is simple: a casino willing to give you bonuses to sample its products is not just confident about itself but willing to go the extra mile to keep you on board.

You will agree that you are more likely to use a product if you are allowed to test it out.

To Give New Users an Illusion of Winning

Naturally, people like to win. This innate human desire makes them drawn toward the idea of winning. By winning a bonus at a casino, you are easily warmed up towards that casino because you feel this place cares about winning. Seeing as one of the main reasons for registering at a casino is geared towards winning, getting such bonuses upon your introduction reinforces your resolve to want to continue with the platform.

It is even more enticing for the user when you consider that getting such bonuses allows you to play for more winnings without breaking the bank. Casinos tap into this illusion of winning that bonuses promote because it earns them more returning customers, and it is when they get so invested that the platform recoups.

Offering Casino Bonuses is a Perfect Retention Strategy For New Players

When a gambler joins a new platform, it is common for most casino sites to offer him a top casino deposit bonus after completing his first payment. The first deposit must be equal to or bigger than a specific sum, usually between $5 and $20.

The deposit bonuses aim to offer new players the chance to discover casinos’ main features and game catalog, so they can decide for themselves if the online casino is worthy of bigger financial commitments. Hence, casino deposit bonuses have the role of both attracting new customers and also of retaining them.