Beware not to be used, Mai Titi warns Kapfupi, Marabha

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By Munashe Makuwe

LOCAL comedienne, Mai Titi has warned colleagues in the comedy industry, Kapfupi and Marabha to beware of people seeking to use the street theatre legends’ popularity to enhance their own social media following.

Mai Titi took to Facebook to give advice in a post in which she said, “Kapfupi and Marabha take note of people who want to use you to boost their pages and hungry for fame”.

Recently, Marabha got sick and sought help from well-wishers to be able to purchase some medication for his condition.

“Don’t be lured to boost people and reject people who truly love you from the heart not for fame. It’s not everyone who gets in your life with hearts, some capitalize on your problems, making themselves relevant with your names.

“Real people who genuinely visited you in your homes even when you were well. People who were there for no reason but love.” Mai Titi said.

She said not everyone around the two was there to see them prosper.

“You are legends, you can still do it without being toyed around like small boys. Be wise,” she said.

Mai Titi urged the two comedians not to forget where they came from, as, through that, “you will know your true family”.