Boosting Contact Center Revenue With Microsoft Dynamics CTI Connector

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Delivering excellent customer experience is parallel to a flawless customer service department. Customer service representatives have more on their plates just than calling & responding to customers’ queries. Hence, different contact centers use different CRM according to their requirements.

Microsoft Dynamics is a prominent CRM used globally. It simplifies workflow management by delivering superior operational efficiency, making contact centers even more productive. However, agents require something more to supercharge the abilities of MS Dynamics to enhance their productivity levels and boost business – just like Batman needs Robin.

This is where the Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration enters the picture. Microsoft Dynamics CTI Connector plays a key role in helping deliver quantifiable value to the contact center and boosts overall revenue as well. Leaf through the blog to find out how it can help contact centers boost their revenue.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration: A Closer Look At Features

Integrating the CRM with the telephony system happens through a CTI Connector. This alliance brings the contact center telephony system to the CRM screen. With this, agents gain complete control over calling. Here’s everything that a modern-day contact center acquires by implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM telephony integration.

360-degree View of Customer Information

Fostering relationships with customers is the stepping stone to deliver a flawless customer experience. Agents can accomplish this smoothly by getting a 360-degree view of the customer’s profile through screen pops.

Screen Pops

When a call is received, the CTI connector for Microsoft Dynamics can trigger a “screen pop” on the agent’s computer, displaying relevant customer information or a script to guide the conversation. This helps agents provide more personalized and efficient customer service.

Methodical Call Routing

A Jan 2024 report by Gartner stated that 55% (average) of customers abandon a brand owing to delayed responses from the customer service department. This can hamper the FCR and CSAT scores. Hence, integrating a Microsoft Dynamics CTI connector can streamline call routing.

It helps transfer the call to the rightfully skilled agent for prompt service. Furthermore, striking a balance between KPIs like AHT, FCR, and CSAT scores becomes a breeze.

Workflow Automation

By integrating telephony with business applications, CTI connectors for Microsoft Dynamics can automate certain workflows. For example, after ending a call, the system can automatically update customer records or trigger follow-up tasks.

Boosting Sales With Microsoft Dynamics CTI Connector

Revenue generation, from a sheer business perspective, is one of the prime goals for contact centers. Integrating it can streamline operations, improve customer interactions, and elevate agent productivity levels. Here’s a use case to get a hang of the Microsoft Dynamics CTI connector.

Use Case: Improving Revenue with Microsoft Dynamics CTI Integration

An established retail company has a contact center that handles large customer queries daily. By integrating a CTI connector for MS Dynamics, they improved on the pointers elaborated below:

Dynamic Sales & Upselling Opportunities

Integrating a CTI connector for Microsoft Dynamics helps agents identify the best cross-selling opportunities while interacting with customers. For example, if a customer inquires about a product, the agent can look up the customer’s previous interaction to recommend the right product. This practice contributes to increasing upselling opportunities.

Streamlined Call Routing

Microsoft Dynamics CTI connector can automatically route the call to the rightfully skilled agent. When a high-priority call comes in, it is transferred to the service representatives having access to the customer’s purchase/interaction history. Streamlined call routing improves first-call resolution and customer satisfaction scores.

Enhanced Customer Experience

As per a January 2024 report submitted by Freshdesk, 75% of customers remain loyal to brands that offer exceptional customer experience. Contact centers can increase their revenue by integrating CTI connectors for MS Dynamics. This becomes possible with the screen pop feature.

As soon as a call comes in, a screen pop appears containing customer information that can be customized as per agent requirements. This helps foster customer-business relationships by giving a personal touch to the interaction.

Increased Productivity

Agents can perform efficiently with integrated telephony features directly within the Microsoft Dynamics interface. Click-to-dial, screen pop-ups with customer information, and automated call logging streamline workflows and minimize manual data entry.


Implementing the Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration brought scalable results for the retail company. It witnessed a gradual increase in its revenue as the KPIs like FCR, AHT, and CSAT score got streamlined and agents were able to capitalize better on sales opportunities.

From Data to Dollars

Microsoft Dynamics CTI integration empowers contact centers to generate more revenue. The synergy of CTI connectors and MS Dynamics offers exceptional customer experience & journeys, drives sales, and elevates revenue by improving essential KPIs for the contact center.

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Microsoft Dynamics CTI connectors, curated by NovelVox, help contact centers enhance their performance to deliver exceptional customer experiences. The CTI connector for MS Dynamics is compatible with Avaya, Amazon Connect, Cisco, Dialpad, Genesys, Five9, NICE, Webex, and Zoom.

This connector can be deployed on-cloud, on-premises, and hybrid as per the infrastructural requirement of the contact center. With advanced call controls and a customizable interface, the CTI connector for Microsoft Dynamics can upscale gross productivity levels at the minutest installation costs.