Busstop TV actresses Gonyeti, Maggie arrested over skit in police uniform

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By ShowBiz Reporter

POPULAR online comedian Samantha ‘Gonyeti’ Kureya and Sharon ‘Maggie’ Chideu were arrested and charged Tuesday for wearing Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) uniforms.

The online television’s chief producer Lucky Aron said the two comedians were fined $20 each.

Gonyeti and Maggie are well known for their satirical skits on Bustop TV, an online television network.

The comedians were picked Tuesday by Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Law and Order officers and questioned over a skirt which they produced while wearing uniforms similar to those of the ZRP uniforms.

In the concerned skirt, Gonyeti is seen mimicking police harassments on some citizens in what is intended to highlight police brutality.

Information Ministry secretary Nick Mangwana said this was a technical offence although saying government supported creativity in the arts.

“I haven’t seen the video but I am told they pleaded guilty to the offence, so there is no issue,” Mangwana said through his twitter handle.

“They were fined for the police uniforms. Remember at the moment, we are still grappling with issues of police and military uniforms among civilians being used to commit crimes.”

It is against the law for civilians to wear uniforms, badges of the police force.

The actresses’ arrests come a week after the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) issued a statement that those with army uniforms or any resemblance to such must surrender them to their nearest police station.