Bustop TV Airs Covid Radio Drama

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By Paidashe Mandivengerei 

LOCAL youth-run creatives organisation, Bustop TV has introduced a radio drama ‘Dzihwa Mupengo’ with the first episode having aired Tuesday on Radio Zimbabwe.

The title of the radio drama; ‘Dzihwa Mupengo’ loosely translates to Covid-19, aptly bringing out the purpose of the drama to debunk myths surrounding the coronavirus and provide citizens with information on coronavirus vaccination.

Dzihwa Mupengo airs every Tuesday at 1900hours on Radio Zimbabwe and Bustop TV Facebook and YouTube channel.

The new exciting project is expected will go a long way in helping the country achieve herd immunity against Covid-19.

The radio drama set in a rural village features popular Bustop TV comedians Samantha ‘Gonyeti’ Kureya, Sharon ‘Maggie’ Chideu, and Dereck ‘DRC’ Nziyakwi.

Dzihwa Mupengo was directed by Dereck Nziyakwi, produced by Lucky Aaroni, script written by Blessing Hungwe, and sound engineered by Pastor Zuze.

In an interview with, Aaroni, the Bustop TV co-founder and producer said he hopes the radio drama will reach remote areas that have limited access to information relating to Covid-19.

“In Zimbabwe, the Covid-19 vaccine has been facing some resistance due to socio-cultural and religious factors.

“We would like to counter misinformation and myths around the Covid-19 vaccine to encourage its uptake”.

He added as the festive season approaches it was important to urge people to remain vigilant. In the past, Zimbabwe has witnessed a surge of Covid-19 cases during the festivities with citizens abroad returning home to be with their families.

Aaroni added: “Now we are in festive season we will see a spike in Covid-19 cases as people from the diaspora return to Zimbabwe, the drama talks about this as well and reminds listeners to remain vigilant and follow necessary Covid-19 protocols like getting tested and quarantining.”

The radio drama is in conjunction with IMS and financial backing from the European Union.