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Coronavirus World

Sniffer Dogs Are 94% Accurate At Detecting Covid

MailOnline Sniffer dogs are more effective than rapid tests at detecting cases of Covid-19 and could soon be deployed at airports, according to a major British study. Researchers found coronavirus has a ‘distinctive odour’ that means specially-trained medical detection dogs can identify infected people, even those without symptoms. Astonishingly, the dogs are able to detect

India: 150 Rotting Bodies Of Covid Victims Wash Up On River Banks

Mail OnLine More than 150 bodies of suspected coronavirus patients have been dumped into the River Ganges amid fears that relatives could not bury or cremate them in latest shocking scene laying India’s crisis bare. The health ministry recorded another 366,161 infections and 3,754 deaths on Monday – both figures are almost certainly undercounts as

WHO Approves Chinese Sinopharm Vaccine

BBC THE World Health Organisation (WHO) has granted emergency approval for the Covid vaccine made by Chinese company Sinopharm. It is the first vaccine developed by a non-Western country to get WHO backing. The vaccine has already been given to millions of people in China and elsewhere. The WHO had previously only approved the vaccines

Lifesaving Oxygen Aid Arrives In India As Death Toll Hits New Record

AFP Mumbai: More emergency medical aid from foreign donors to alleviate a dire oxygen shortage arrived in India on Sunday, as COVID-19 deaths in the South Asian nation rose to a new record. India is setting almost daily records for new infections and deaths as the virus crisis engulfs overstretched hospitals in cities and spreads

Australia Now Makes It Illegal For Citizens To Return From Covid Hit India

BBC Australian citizens returning home from India could face up to five years in jail and fines after the government made the journey temporarily illegal. The health ministry said the ruling had been made “based on the proportion of people in quarantine who have acquired a Covid-19 infection in India”. Earlier this week, Australia banned

Global Aid Arrives In India To Combat Deadly Covid Crisis

BBC INTERNATIONAL aid has been arriving in India and a number of countries have pledged to join in the fight against Covid, as the country’s healthcare is system pushed to the brink of collapse by a deadly second wave. On Tuesday morning, a flight from the UK carrying vital medical supplies including ventilators landed. Six oxygen

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82 Covid Patients Dead In Iraq After Hospital Fire

BBC AT LEAST 82 people have been killed in a fire at a hospital treating coronavirus patients in the capital of Iraq, Baghdad. More than 100 others were injured in the blaze, which erupted at the Ibn Khatib hospital on Saturday night. Reports say an accident had caused an oxygen tank to explode, sparking the

India Sets Global Record For New Covid Cases Amid Oxygen Shortage

BBC INDIA has reported 314,835 new coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours – the highest one-day tally recorded anywhere in the world. Deaths rose by 2,104 in the same time period, India’s worst daily toll. It brings the country’s total confirmed cases close to 16 million, second only to the US’s 31.9 million. India

Covid: Canada Sounds The Alarm As Cases Overtake US

BBC The rate of coronavirus infections in Canada’s biggest province has reached an all-time high as hospitals warn they are close to being overwhelmed. A panel of experts say infections in Ontario could increase by 600% by June if public health measures are weak and vaccination rates do not pick up. Last week, for the

UK Dog Vomiting Linked To Covid

Daily Mail As Covid-19 ravaged the world at the start of 2020, dogs in the UK were suffering an outbreak of another coronavirus, a study has revealed. Reports from concerned owners and disquieted vets at the time indicated more pet pooches than usual were getting ill and severely vomiting. Researchers studying the outbreak now believe

‘Double Mutant’ Covid-19 Variant Found In India

BBC A NEW double mutant variant of the coronavirus and 771 others have been detected in samples collected from 18 states across India. Of the 10,787 samples, 736 were positive for the UK variant, 34 for the South African variant and one for the Brazilian variant. The report comes amid a recent surge in Covid

Covid: Rich States ‘Block’ Vaccine Plans For Developing Nations

BBC Wealthy countries – including the UK – are blocking proposals to help developing nations increase their vaccine manufacturing capabilities, documents leaked to BBC Newsnight show. Several poorer countries have asked the World Health Organization to help them. But richer nations are pushing back on provisions in international law that would enable them to achieve

Covid-19: Netherlands Suspends Use Of AstraZeneca Vaccine

BBC The Netherlands has become the latest country to suspend use of the Oxford-AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine over concerns about possible side effects. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) say there is no indication of a link between the vaccine and reports of blood clots. Eight countries have so far fully

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WATCH: Meet The Man With ‘Super Covid Antibodies’

BBC JOHN Hollis didn’t realise he’d been infected with Covid-19. But he later discovered he’s one of the rare people who has “super antibodies”. The antibodies are so good at killing the virus, he’s practically immune to the disease. Still, if scientists hope to find others like John, they’ll have to tackle long standing mistrust

Covid Trial In UK Examines Mixing Different Vaccines

BBC A UK trial has been launched to see if giving people different Covid vaccines for their first and second doses works as well as the current approach of using the same type of vaccine twice. The idea is to provide more flexibility with vaccine rollout and help deal with any potential disruption to supplies.

Pfizer Eyes $15 billion From Covid-19 Vaccine Sales

Reuters Pfizer Inc said on Tuesday it expects to generate about $15 billion in sales this year from the COVID-19 vaccine that it developed with German partner BioNTech. The drugmaker is trying to deliver two billion doses of the vaccine in 2021 at a breakneck pace as countries rush to sign supply deals in an