Chimurenga music guru Mapfumo eager to meet Mnangagwa, opposition leaders

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US-BASED Chimurenga music maestro Thomas Mukanya Mapfumo said he is willing to meet President Emmerson Mnangagwa and opposition leaders to share his thoughts about how to make Zimbabwe a better country.

Mapfumo also said if ever he is going to meet former president Robert Mugabe he was going to tell him that he destroyed the country.

The singer is back in the country after 14 years of self-imposed exile running away from what he called Mugabe’s dictatorship tendencies and corrupt habits.

Together with legendary Oliver Mtukudzi they are expected to share the stage on the 28th April at the Glamis Arena in Harare in what has been dubbed ‘The Big Bira’.

Addressing a joint press conference in Harare Friday with Mtukudzi and flanked by young artist Andy Muridzo and Gary Tight who will be the supporting acts, on the day, Mapfumo said as Zimbabweans we may differ on how to take the country forward but we all want what is the best for the country and its citizens.

“I would love to meet him (Mnangagwa), I would love to talk to him, I would love to meet both the leaders of the ruling party and opposition,” Mapfumo told journalists.

“You know we are one, we are the same people, you know where we live, and there are the Democrats and the Republicans if you say bad things about one of them they will both turn on you,” he added.

He added, “So that’s love, that’s the love we have been talking about, we are the same people.”

“We are not different, this is why I am saying Africa should unite and build Africa for our children, a good future.

“But it seems most of our leadership they concentrate on stealing that’s not good.”

Asked if he met Mugabe what was he going to say, Mapfumo did not mince his words.

“I will tell him, look at what you did, you messed up.”