China Not To Blame For Covid Outbreak: Minister Shava

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By Stephen Tsamba

FOREIGN Minister Fredrick Shava says Zimbabwe urges people to be guided by science and trust findings from a team of experts from the World Health Organisation (WHO) absolving China from the outbreak of the deadly Covid-19 pandemic.

He said this while briefing foreign diplomats on Covid-19 in Harare this week.

Shava said people should agree with WHO experts who it was “extremely unlikely” that Covid-19 was generated from a laboratory leak in Wuhan, China.

“Zimbabwe seeks and urges all to be guided by science. We must believe in science providing empirical, proven or scientific evidence to support our claims,” he said.

“A case in point is the March 2021 joint report issued by the team of international World Health Organisation convened experts who visited China and who were clear in their findings that some form of a laboratory leak was extremely unlikely.”

Shava said China should not be blamed for the outbreak of the Covid 19 virus as many claim that the pandemic stemmed from a laboratory leak.

Zimbabwe views China as an “all-weather friend” dating back to the days of Harare’s liberation struggle for independence where the Asian giant offered the country with military arsenal and training.

“Blaming China is not the answer. China has been continuously blamed for the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic as many detractors advance the hypothesis of a laboratory leak as the origin of the current global health crisis,” said Shava

Furthermore, the minister said Zimbabwe commended China’s efforts in curbing the spread of the global pandemic.

“Zimbabwe wishes to add its voice, to commend the efforts by China to address this pandemic. The efforts have been impressive and the Chinese health and emergency services personnel have been working around the clock and deserve our support and commendation.

“Inspection and screening measures, as well as movement restrictions, have been effective in halting the virus spread. Above all, China’s willingness to receive international advice and expertise in particular from the World Health Organisation was very critical for the whole world to gain scientific knowledge of the virus and has assisted tremendously in containing it”

Shava added China had shown willingness to collaborate in establishing the cause of the virus Zimbabwe called on all people to abandon any theories that are not scientifically backed.

“China has demonstrated its readiness and willingness to be actively collaborating to building, understanding, and preparedness. Zimbabwe calls on all others to cast aside whatever theories they may have and for the sake of us all to allow science to lead us forward.”