Danai Gurira and Andrew Lincoln to return for ‘The Walking Dead’ spin-off

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By Agencies

Rick Grimes and Michonne are back — and now everyone knows.

But while Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira surprised The Walking Dead fans at Comic-Con 2022 by announcing a new Rick and Michonne series for AMC Networks (expected next year), it turns out their former costars were already in on the big secret.

“It was great. We knew they were coming,” Norman Reedus said when he stopped by EW’s Comic-Con video suite Saturday with the rest of his castmates. “[Lincoln]’s in the room right next to mine, so I had a chat with him all night before that. It’s great seeing them.”

Reedus’ reunion with Gurira went a little differently, though. “Danai, I was sitting on my patio and I get a text and she’s like, ‘Is that you sitting in the dark up there in a bathrobe?'” he recalled.

“And I’m like looking like, where are you? That goes on for 20 minutes, and then she walked up and screamed. So it was good to see Danai.”

He then joked, “Andy I don’t really care about, but I really love Danai.”

While the flagship series The Walking Dead is concluding this fall, the franchise’s expanded universe just keeps growing.

Along with the just-announced Rick and Michonne show (which will replace the trio of Rick Grimes movies announced back in 2018 when Lincoln originally left the show), there’s also Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan‘s Manhattan-set spin-off Isle of the Dead, the anthology series Tales of the Walking Dead, and Reedus’ yet-untitled Daryl spin-off.

Before Reedus jumps over to his new series, he took a moment to reflect on the past 11 seasons and saying a proper goodbye to The Walking Dead.

He previously said during the show’s Comic-Con panel, “I kinda just want to cry and make out with everybody in this room,” and on Saturday he joked that he “made out with about half of them.”