ED, Zanu PF Break Covid Rules As They Gather For Party Conference

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By Leopold Munhende

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa and hundreds of Zanu PF officials congregated Friday for the party’s annual people’s conference in Bindura, a gathering in direct conflict with Covid-19 regulations.

Mnangagwa recently gazetted the limit of public gatherings to only one hundred people.

Thousands of people have been arrested in recent weeks for breaking these strict Covid-19 regulations.

However, Mnangagwa and his party defied the rules and hundreds of Politburo and Central Committee members, provincial and district representatives, youths, religious leaders, and civil servants.

During proceedings of the conference, delegates also failed to maintain social distancing as some to the stand floor and hugged each other.

Zimbabwe is currently under a Level 2 lockdown which limits public gatherings to 100, has a 10 pm to 5.30 am curfew with businesses only allowed to operate between 8.00 am and 7 pm.

These restrictions were announced by Mnangagwa in September and have remained in place to control the spread of the deadly Covid-19 pandemic, and contain a possible fourth wave that experts have warned of.

“The relaxation includes, a curfew beginning at 2200 hours and ending at 0530 hours; ordinary business enterprise to operate between 0800 hours and 1900 hours.

“Public gatherings are to be limited to no more than 100 people with observance of public health measures of wearing masks, sanitising, social distancing and temperature checks and people are encouraged to be vaccinated,” said Mnangagwa then.

However, Mnangagwa chose to disregard his own rules as he gathered with hundreds of party faithful for a three-day conference.

Speaking at the conference Mnangagwa spoke of developments his administration has made include the construction of new dams, and roads, the “success” of Pfumvudza, and various agriculture policies.

He also denounced the violence that characterised the recently held Zanu PF provincial and district elections.

“It is sad that some members are lacking discipline and this is alien to Zanu PF and this should stop forthwith. Follow the party procedures and constitution. Tribalism and violence are not tolerated,” Mnangagwa to the delegates.