Elderly Fisherman Drowns Inside Lake Kariba

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By Matabeleland North Correspondent

Binga: A 72-year-old fisherman drowned in Lake Kariba in Binga after a wave hit a makeshift boat he was using in the river while casting some fishing nets.

Robby James’ body was retrieved two days later in an advanced state of decomposition.

Other fishermen Faroo Makawu of Sengwa fishing camp and Joshua Mutale retrieved the body and were helped by villagers from the area to carry it home.

The deceased’s son, aged 21 and identified as Friday, said his father was buried last Tuesday at the family homestead in a nearby village.

“He left in the afternoon last week Saturday going to fish along Zambezi River using an ordinary boat and did not return.

“As he was in the water while casting his net, a wave erupted and hit the lake and he was overpowered. The boat capsized and he failed to swim to the shore and drowned,” said Friday.

Other fishermen residing at the camp searched for the body but failed to locate it.

Makawu and Mutale of Sengwa Island went to remove their fishing nets on Monday and spotted the body floating before retrieving it.

Friday positively identified his father’s decomposed body before villagers helped carry it home waiting for the police to arrive.

Binga magistrate Urgent Vundla waived postmortem as no foul play was suspected.