Gonarezhou film maker bemoans lack of funding for creative industry

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By Paidashe Mandivengerei 

AWARD winning Masvingo film director, Sydney Taivavashe has bemoaned lack of funding for the creative industry in Zimbabwe after encountering challenges in producing his new anti-poaching movie which is yet to premiere.

The mind blowing film was produced in conjunction with Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Managament Authority.

Taivavashe told in an interview Wednesday that he had struggled to raise funds for a movie highlighting the effects of poaching.

The film, “Gonarezhou” is produced in conjunction with Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Authority.

Gonarezhou, which will premiere in Instanbul, Turkey centres on the life of Zulu (played by renowned actor Eddie Sandifolo), a rural man who, in his quest to earn a living, joins a notorious gang of poachers.

“Funding was hard to come by since film is not yet taken seriously in Zimbabwe. People helped us during the film’s production, solely in kind, shooting locations, game rangers, accommodation and food for the cast,” said Taivavashe.

Taivavashe wrote the script and directed the anti-poaching masterpiece.

According to Taivavashe, the idea of the movie stemmed from the massacre of 300 elephants by poachers in Hwange using cyanide poison back in 2013.

He added that he hopes his art creates awareness on poaching which appears to be taken lightly in the country.

Songstress, Tamy Moyo makes her acting debut, playing the role of Sara, an aspiring musician trapped in the rural area.

The movie also features Tendai Chitima, Tariro Washe, Charlene Mangweni, Tinashe Nhukarume, Courage Murambadare, Charles Mzemba and Jackson Chivhanga.

There is no release date for the film yet.