Ghettocracy Score: Winky D’s story scripted out of strife 

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By Darlington Gatsi

HIS is a story birthed out of struggles.

Rising from the dust of Kambuzuma – a densely populated suburb of Harare – Winky D has transformed himself into a monument of success.

Musical rhythm provides a perfect soundtrack to his rise in the Ghetto, a street lingo for high-density areas, Winky D is an embodiment of excellence.

Struggle, strife, pain and poverty are the hallmarks of a typical ghetto life which Winky D has been able to lyrically weave into his songs.

Through his music, Winky D articulates these struggles and other societal ills and how they have shaped him, en route to him grabbing acclaim.

It is the ability to carry the plight of the marginalised in his songs that has endeared him with many on the lower social strata.

With ‘Ghettocracy Score: Reading through the pages of Rokesheni’, Winky D will be opening a book whose chapters have shaped him.

Ghettocracy refers to people who are at the lower level of society whose voice Winky D carries.

It is the ghetto that Winky D through his music emboldens with hope for a better future and circumventing hurdles.

Through projects such as “War”, “Ghetto Devotee”, “Igofigo” “Njema” and “Eureka Eureka” Winky D has consistently opened a window into ghetto life.

In what has become a tradition, Winky D will gather his multitudes of fans on New Year’s Eve at the Harare International Conference Center (HICC) as he takes a look back at his musical roots.

Winky D will be celebrating a peculiar feat when he clocks 20 years in the music industry, a journey that the dreadlocked muso has traversed.

Starting from Murasta which he rode on luckspin riddim in 2004, it shone light on the path of Winky D.

Just like wine, Winky D has matured with age as enunciated by his music which has evolved away from his traditional sound as depicted in a video that he released Tuesday.

Another storyline in the sleeves of a book of strife and endurance is in the offing.