Global report says Zimbos now more unhappy under Zanu PF govt

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A GLOBAL index gouging the happiness levels of world citizens has revealed that Zimbabweans have become increasingly unhappy under Zanu PF rule since the end of the inclusive government 2013.

The United Nations agency World Happiness Report ranks 156 countries according to the degree of their citizens’ happiness with Finland found to be home to the world’s happiest nationals.

However, Zimbabweans, who have endured years of economic stress under a Zanu PF administration, saw their country placed at number 144 according to the 2018 rankings.

What has also emerged from previous reports is that the pattern of unhappiness has gradually been increasing with the country ranked 115 in 2015; 131 in 2016; 138 in 2017 and lately, number 144.

According to the index, citizens whose countries are ranked with higher numbers are less happy than those from countries appearing on the apex of the ladder.

In Africa, Zimbabwe is ranked 35 out of 44 and was found to be having citizens who were less happy than those from countries such as Zambia, Mozambique, Sudan, Somalia, South Africa, DRC, Kenya, Uganda, and Angola.

However, Zimbabwe ranks above Botswana, Malawi, Liberia, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Sudan, CAR and Burundi.

The World Happiness Report is a landmark survey of the state of global happiness.

The index mainly looks at key variables such as GDP per capita, healthy years of life expectancy, social support, trust (as measured by a perceived absence of corruption in government and business), perceived freedom to make life decisions; and generosity (as measured by recent donations).

The 2018 report was released on March 14 at a launch event at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in the Vatican.

This was followed by the International Day of Happiness at the United Nations March 20.

Since the Zanu PF won the 2013 which ended the hybrid administration with the opposition, Zimbabweans have endured massive joblessness, a recurrent cash crisis, price increases and political uncertainty, among other problems.

Citizens demonstrated their frustrations with the Zanu PF led government through 2016 street protests which shook then President Robert Mugabe’s regime.

Their desires to see Mugabe’s regime go were also evident when thousands took to the streets November 18 last year to celebrate Mugabe’s ouster by the military.

Registrar General Tobaiwa Mudede revealed on Monday that 1,7 million locals have died since 2013.