Guitarist caged over $200 maintenance arrears

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A GUITARIST who plays for a sungura musician Simon Mutambi was on Saturday caged two months for failing to pay maintenance for his minor child.

Philip Saini’s arrears had accumulated to $200.

On Saturday, Phiri, 30, appeared before Harare magistrate Ruramai Chitumbura who convicted him at own guilty plea.

Saini told the court that he was struggling to make ends meet as he was fired from his job the day he was ordered to pay $40 per month for the upkeep of his son.

He told the court that he was hired back on Friday and promised to settle the arrears when he gets paid.

The guitarist told court that he earns $20 a week.

However the magistrate ordered him to clear the arrears by the beginning of next month, failure to do so he risks going to jail for two months.

She sentenced him to two months imprisonment which she wholly suspended on condition he pays the money on or before May 1 this year.

The complainant in this case is wife Nomatter Mutegude, 29.

According to court papers, Mutegude dragged Saini to the civil court on November 29 last year.

An order for Saini to pay $40 per month was granted in favour of Mutegude.

However Saini never paid a penny resulting in his arrears accumulating to $200.

Peter Kachirika prosecuted.