Harare now ‘a ruin’ because of corruption, says Thomas Mapfumo

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Staff Reporter

OUTSPOKEN Chimurenga music maestro Thomas Mapfumo, 72, says Harare has now turned into “ruins” because of a rundown road infrastructure brought about by corruption among authorities.

The Zimbabwean music legend has been living in self-imposed exile in the United States of America for nearly a decade.

He flew back home this Wednesday together with his band to perform at a Bira Concert slated for Harare’s Glamis Arena 28 April.

Mapfumo did not hide his misgivings about the rot that has permeated government and local government structures under years of Zanu PF rule, describing the country’s capital city as a ruin.

“You really have to unite. The roads are bad,” Mapfumo told a local radio station Thursday.

“We don’t want to see ruins, Harare is like ruins now. What more of the other small towns. They are even worse now. So, this is the situation that we don’t want to see.

“This is why I am saying Africa should unite and eradicate corruption. Corruption is at its highest level.”

When he was still in the country, Mapfumo unsettled then President Robert Mugabe’s government through musical lyrics which accused authorities of corruption.

He has prolonged his stay in America fearing victimisation by the now ousted leader’s regime.

Zimbabwean artists have often been accused of confining their messages to love lyrics and other social commentary which does not raise the ire of the country’s rulers.

But Mapfumo’s lyrics have been scathing of the establishment.