HONEY TV welcomes Chef Bernadette Mutangara on My Zim Plate

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Zimbabwe is on the menu in HONEY TV’s beloved “My Plate” food series, featuring singer and foodie Bernadette Mutangara as the host of brand-new My Zim Plate. The latest instalment of the series that has introduced viewers to show hosts Winifred Nwania from My Naija Plate, Chep Chikoni from My Kenyan Plate and Mwaka Mwiimbu from My Zambian Plate, sees the multifaceted creative thrill audiences with a fresh take on Zimbabwean cuisine. The talented entertainer is a self-taught chef and baking entrepreneur whose favourite Zimbabwean dishes are sadza rezviyo (millet) and tsine (a stew of blackjack leaves). On My Zim Plate Chef Bernadette will introduce viewers to traditional Zimbabwean recipes and modern twists, and share three authentic Zim dishes that anyone can make at home.

1.  In two sentences, who is Chef Bernadette?

She’s a cook who loves to use her creative flair to make delicious meals.  She’s also a baker who makes delicious and creative cakes.

2.  Where did your love for food start and how did you transition to becoming a professional?

My love for food started at a very young age. I would always watch my big sister cook and I became fascinated by it.  I started cooking professionally in the last five years as I realised it was what I loved to do, and I’d always had great feedback from those who ate my food.

3.  What was the filming of My Zim Plate like?

Filming My Zim Plate was an awesome experience. It was a lot of hard work and I learnt more new things on set.

4.  If you could change one thing about the Zim TV industry, what would it be?

We must keep striving for high quality in all our content.

5.  What are your three current obsessions?

Having peace in my heart and mind, reading my Bible more, and listening to old-school music.

6.  What’s your favourite show on HONEY besides My Zim Plate?

My favourite show is 7 Colours, I really enjoy that one.