IPD Leader Chamuka Doles Out Relief Funds To Covid-hit families

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By Staff Reporter

SOUTH Africa-based Ideas Party of Democracy (IPD) president Herbert is doling out Covid-19 relief funds to families worst affected by the pandemic.

Zimbabwe introduced a hard lockdown two years ago and closed its borders for almost a year rendering most of the people who rely heavily on cross border trading helpless.

Informal cross border trade is a viable economic activity that many people in Zimbabwe depend upon for their survival during times of economic hardship.

Zimbabwe’s Beitbridge border post is the busiest port of entry in Southern Africa with many nationalities from as far as Kenya; Rwanda and DRC using it to cross into or out of South Africa.

Zimbabwe opened its borders this month.

Zimbabwe Cross Borders Association President Killer Zivhu said most cross border traders were severely affected by Covid-19.

“We are talking about almost 20% of the population which translate to 70% of the population’s livelihoods as they have dependents. Those people technically had no ways to put food on the table,” he said.

With Covid 19 wreaking havoc on people’s livelihoods and an economic implosion caused by looting and mismanagement of the country by Mnangagwa administration, the leader of IPD Herbert Chamuka saw it fit to launch the much needed and appreciated Covid Relief Fund.

“We are giving people $10 as part of our Covid Relief Fund. Zimbabweans who are in dire need are getting a lifeline,” he said.

This is the third time IPD has launched relief endeavours to sustain the populace during Covid pandemic.

The party launched ‘Tora Saga Ugute’ project where they were dishing out groceries to people. It also launched a relief fund where it was giving people $20.