Kamativi Man In Freak Road Accident Twice On Same Spot

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By Matabeleland North Correspondent

Kamativi: A man from Binga is struggling to understand his strange misfortune after he was involved in two separate road traffic accidents at the same spot in two consecutive days.

Noah Mumpande, whose age and village of origin could not be readily confirmed, was one of the six passengers who were seriously injured when a CAG Travellers Bus going to Binga from Bulawayo failed to go up the steep ascent at Gwayi River and fell into a ditch on Sunday.

Mumpande and two others were rushed to St Patrick’s Hospital in Hwange where they were treated and discharged on Monday evening with three others having been treated at Kamativi Hospital.

On Monday, Mumpande and the other two left Hwange soon after being discharged and boarded a lift to Cross Dete where they got into a 40-seater bus that was going to Binga, from Bulawayo.

The bus failed to ascend a steep slope at Gwayi River and fell into a ditch in the same manner the CAG bus accident occurred on Sunday.

Before approaching the river, two victims of the CAG bus requested to disembark saying they were afraid of the black spot and all the other 30 passengers except for Mumpande disembarked and opted to walk across the river bridge and up the slope.

Mumpande remained in the bus with the driver.

Only Mumpande was injured while the driver escaped unhurt after the bus rolled back and overturned before landing in a ditch, a few dozens of metres from the CAG accident spot.

Police attended the scene and rushed Mumpande to Kamativi Hospital where he was treated and discharged again.

According to a report made to the police, the accident occurred around 8pm on Monday.

“On 21 December at around 8pm, a Mazda Swaraj 40-seater omnibus was travelling from Bulawayo to Binga with 30 passengers on board and on approaching the 19km peg along the Cross Dete-Binga road, two female passengers who were victims of the previous day CAG bus accident requested to disembark from the bus as they were afraid of the steep ascend at Gwayi River.

“All passengers concurred with the two and disembarked leaving the driver and one passenger Noah Mumpande who had volunteered to assist the driver with instructions on how to manoeuvre the slopes as the driver was new on the road,” stated the police.

When the bus reached the 23km peg, it failed to ascend and started rolling back.

The driver lost control and the bus veered off the road to the right side.

It overturned and landed in a ditch facing Cross Dete direction.

Mumpande sustained some injuries on the mouth while the driver escaped unhurt, said the police who have launched an investigation on the cause of the accident.

The vehicle suffered some damages on its body and is still at the accident scene.

Concerns have been raised about state of Cross Dete-Binga road which is filled with potholes and now a death trap for motorists.