New chairs for Zimbabwe’s National Stadium: comfort at the highest level before great sporting events

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The National Sports Stadium is the pride of any country, the living embodiment of the spirit of sporting achievements and triumphs. After all, it is here that passions boil over, legends are born and great victories are accomplished. Every detail of such an object is of special importance because its quality determines the comfort and safety of spectators – true lovers of sports.

The reconstruction of the National Sports Stadium in Zimbabwe is nearing completion. One of the key stages of modernization was the installation of modern seats for fans – comfortable, functional, and stylish.

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New chairs for the National Stadium

The long-awaited shell seats for the revamped Zimbabwe National Stadium have been manufactured in China by Avant Sports Industries. These seats meet the stringent quality and safety requirements for world-class sports arenas.

The batch of seats underwent a thorough inspection by a Zimbabwean delegation that included representatives from the Sports and Recreation Commission, the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Recreation as well as Sakunda Holdings, the company involved in the renovation of the stadium. After a successful inspection, it was determined that the quality of the seating was fully compliant with the stated standards.

And now, finally, the long-awaited cargo is being shipped from China to Zimbabwe. By the end of this week, the multi-ton shipment of seats will be delivered to the country for further installation.

Features of the new chairs include:

  • shell design for maximum comfort and back support;
  • reinforced construction for increased durability;
  • anthracite color of the seats will harmoniously blend in with the general stylistics of the stadium;
  • ergonomic armrests are comfortable for spectators of all sizes;
  • antibacterial coating for hygiene and easy maintenance.

The installation of the seats is an important step in meeting CAF’s requirements for stadiums to host international matches. The finishing touches are now in place and the National Stadium will shine with new colors as it welcomes the long-awaited tournaments in its renovated arena.

Big sports battles are ahead

The final stage of the reconstruction is encouraging fans all over the country. It would seem that very soon the stands of the new National Stadium will once again be filled with excitement and emotions, and sports fans will be able to fully enjoy spectacular fights right from their shell chairs. After all, it is here, in this sacred arena, that legends are born!

When all the works are completed and the seats are securely installed, the Zimbabwe National Stadium will enter a new era of grandeur. However, no completion date has been given yet as numerous delays and other problems have forced the schedule to be adjusted.

Its renovated stands will become the center of great sporting events not only for the country but also for the whole continent. Here again, the passions will flare up, and thousands of fans will be able to watch the exploits of their idols live, jealousy supporting them on their way to victory!