Panguro Media launches Zim-focused video on-demand Channel

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By Showbiz Reporter

PANGURO Media has launched its video on demand channel, Vimeo, which offers local content producers a platform to showcase their productions to a wide audience from both within and without the country’s borders.

In a statement, Panguro Media said Vimeo was the first ever aggregator and legal platform for Zimbabwean film and Television content.

“This has happened in close collaboration with the filmmakers themselves, and Panguro Media is looking forward to continue and expand its relationship with the growing Zimbabwean film industry.”

Panguro Media said the launch of the Vimeo was not just the first step in its strategy to take quality content from Zimbabwe to a greater audience inside and outside the country but would also ensure that enough revenue was channelled back into the industry to create a sustainable environment for the Zimbabwean filmmakers.

“The Vimeo on Demand platform is bringing local content to the diaspora who otherwise have no access to local films and TV productions – at least not legally.

“Over the coming weeks, we will market the Vimeo on demand channel especially to this market, but of course everybody is welcome to enjoy quality productions from Zimbabwe.”

The company said it would soon be launching their website. Unlike the Vimeo Channel which targeted individual consumers, the new website would consider content buyers such as broadcasters, streaming services and airlines among others.

“But we don’t stop here – Panguro is actively looking into ways to deliver quality content to the Zimbabwean audience as well through various channels – we will keep you updated,” the company said.

“We are here to fill that gap – our mission is simply to connect great content with a great audience.

“We achieve this by making it easy for content producers to showcase their work on our webpage and give content buyers a one stop solution to acquire the content they like – at favourable rates.”

The platform can be accessed through the link :