Popular Academic Gilbert Mabasa Succumbs To Covid

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By Bulawayo Correspondent

BULAWAYO Polytechnic principal, Gilbert Mzenzi Mabasa, has died.

He succumbed to Cocid-19 complications Friday night.

Mabasa who was popularly known as “The Teacher” died at Ekusileni Hospital after battling with the virus since August 6.

Before his death, Mabasa wrote a memorandum to Bulawayo Polytechnic staff and students informing them that he had tested Covid 19 positive.

“I am safe in God’s providence and thankful for the great medical teams that are committed to serving in the forefront. Covid-19 is real and respecter of no-one. However, God is also God and control of everything,” wrote Mabasa.

He expressed optimism despite his condition.

Mabasa served as the institution’s principal for 17 years and his death has shocked many people.