Tarisai ‘Madam Boss’ Chikoko now household name in Zimbabwean entertainment industry

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By The Hype Magazine

Tarisai Cleopatra Chikoko, better known as “Madam Boss” is widely acknowledged as a household name of the Zimbabwean entertainment industry. She is undoubtedly one of Africa’s most talented content creators.

Madam Boss has received numerous accolades, both at a local and a continental level. She is one of the pioneers of the current wave of content creators and entertainers in Zimbabwe. Madam Boss has a million followers on Instagram and over a million followers on Facebook.

The Hype Magazine’s Life & Style correspondent, Charles Myambo (CM) had an interview with Tarisai Cleopatra Chikoko who is also known as “Madam Boss” (MB). Below are some excerpts from the interview.

CM: You are one of the biggest pioneers in the Zimbabwean entertainment industry. Your innovation and creative skits set the tone for several other entertainers who rose to prominence after you. How does it feel to know that you helped create opportunities for several entertainers in Zimbabwe?

Tarisai Cleopatra Chikoko, better known as “Madam Boss”

MB: When I started doing skits, I never in my wildest dreams thought that one day I would be called one of the pioneers in the Zimbabwean Entertainment industry. It all started as just a hobby. It’s amazing how everything progressed and eventually culminated in me becoming the distinguished entertainer that I am today. It’s truly unbelievable because I never went to any school or institution to learn to do what I do today. Looking back, I am filled with so much joy and zeal. I am eager to do more, especially considering all the talented entertainers we have today who in some way shape or form may have drawn inspiration from my career. It’s such a great feeling that I managed to open doors for so many other other young talents in Zimbabwe.

CM: “Madam Boss” is quite a creative name and it took the entertainment industry by storm. What was the creative process behind the names “Madam Boss” and “Dzudzai”? 

MB: Honestly when I started I didn’t have a name but I had a character in mind. A character of a bossy lady. It was a fan on Facebook who gave me the name and it stuck. The name ” Madam Boss” is really catchy and it blends well with the role of a bossy lady. “Dudzai” , on the other hand, represents my life before fame. I was a maid and so I try to show people what maids go through at the hands of their demanding employers. At the same time, I also try to portray the other angle mischievous maids and how cunning they can be. My fans love Dudzai! She is funny, cheeky and very naughty. In a nutshell I’ve 2 characters, a naughty maid where I try to show people the struggles that maids emdure at the hands of their bosses while also showcasing how mischievous maids can be as well. Madam Boss is basically the boss of the house in every sense possible and she always wants things done her way or the highway!

CM: At what point did you realize that you had a profound gift for acting and entertaining? 

MB: I’ve always chased a singing career but when I did my first skit and when I realized that whenever I’m with other people be it at home or just a gathering, I had a reputation of making people laugh even without trying. After my first skit, I started doing more and more videos which I posted to Facebook until my husband and my family started supporting me. Within a short period of time, I had accumulated a huge fan base. I was so free in front of the camera! I became something else when in front of the camera! Once the people around me realized the inherent talent I possessed, they started supporting me and the rest is history.

CM: Cleo, having grown up in a rural setup, you understand humble beginnings more than most people ever will. How satisfying is it to have surpassed all the expectations people had?

MB: Looking at where I came from, losing my mother at a tender age, living in a poverty-stricken rural family and working people’s homes in Ngundu and South Africa, I would say I’m proud to be where I am. A lot of people didn’t foresee me being in a loving marriage, driving my own car and more so becoming a continental award winner. I’m so satisfied with all I’ve achieved but I feel I still have more to give to my fans and to the entertainment industry in my country.

CM: How has life changed for you since becoming famous and relatively wealthy?

MB: Since I became this famous person I am now, things have changed drastically. My life never used to have a schedule. I was just a mother and a wife who did whatever roles had to be done at that moment but now I actually have a schedule. I have a manager who even manages the time I spend with my kid lol.