UK based Zimbabwean man dies from coronavirus

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By Staff Reporter

COVID-19 has claimed yet another Zimbabwean based in the United Kingdom as the human cost of the pandemic within the country’s diaspora community in that country persists.

Popular broadcaster Ezra Tshisa Sibanda, who is also based in the UK, announced the death of Irvin Fantie Moyo in Chelmsford through coronavirus.

He described the late Moyo as “one of the nicest Zimbabweans” based in the UK.

Moyo’s death follows those of many other UK based Zimbabweans, the majority being professionals employed in the British health sector and have been part of the frontline staff battling the world pandemic.

While there has been no deliberate tracing of Zimbabweans dying of coronavirus in the UK by authorities, the Zimbabwean embassy to the rich European country announced over a week ago that at least 29 citizens had succumbed to Covid-19.

UK remains one of the world countries worst affected by the pandemic.