WATCH: Tom Hanks Sends Word Of Encouragement To Graduands Failing To Attend Ceremony Due To COVID-19 Lockdown

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By Munashe Makuwe

HOLLYWOOD star Tom Hanks has sent a message of encouragement to college graduates who were not able to have an in-person graduation ceremony due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

Hanks surprised the 2020 graduating class of Wright State University with an epic virtual video message.

Tom and his wife Rita Wilson were some of the first Hollywood stars to have tested COVID-19 positive back in March and it makes sense he would like to bring hope to the graduates affected by the deadly virus by failing to attend their graduation.

“I’m here to say congratulations to you chosen ones,” the Oscar Award winner, Tom stated in his 5-minute video.

“I am calling you the chosen ones because you have been chosen in many ways. You are the chosen ones because of a fate unimagined when you began your Wright State adventures,” Hanks continued his message.

He added, “You started in the olden times, in a world back before the Great Pandemic of 2020. You will talk of those earlier years in your lives in just that way.”

He went on to explain how people will remember this time as “before” COVID-19, “in the same way other generations tell time like ‘that was before the war,’.

The actor’s words of encouragement to college graduates came less than a week after he revealed he and Rita had donated their plasma as the couple has since recovered from COVID-19.

“Here’s last week’s bag of plasma,” the actor shared on Instagram, alongside a picture of his donation. “Such a bag! After the paperwork, it’s as easy as taking a nap. Thanks @arimoin and UCLA. Hanx.”