Zanu PF activists stealing and personalising State resources for Presidential programmes – CCC legislator

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By Anna Chibamu

A CITIZENS’ Coalition for Change (CCC) MP, Clever Saruwaka has accused Zanu PF activists of personalising President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s schemes meant to benefit every citizen of Zimbabwe.

During last Wednesday’s question and answer session, Saruwaka said the Presidential programmes were meant for everyone regardless of party affiliation yet the ruling party activists were grabbing everything forgetting the funds used in the programmes were coming from government’s coffers, and not Zanu PF.

“We have seen a number of government programmes being named after the President like Presidential Inputs, Presidential Goats Scheme and Presidential Boreholes.


“In light of that trend, what is government doing to stop the abuse of such programmes by ruling party activists who misinterpret such programmes to mean that funding is from the First Secretary of Zanu PF’s pocket yet these funds are from Treasury? What is government doing to make sure that such programmes are not abused by party activists?” Saruwaka said.

Leader of government business in the Parliament and Justice Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi, however dismissed any thieving by Zanu PF supporters saying police are ready to arrest those implicated.

He also told the speaker Jacob Mudenda and the member that he was happy to hear that President Mnangagwa’s administration was formulating programmes for the nation’s development.

Currently, the whole nation is receiving inputs for the schemes such as Command agriculture and Pfumvudza.

Urban areas have also been included in some of the schemes.

“I want to thank him that he is very much aware of the efforts that the Head of State is doing in ensuring that the mandate that he was given by the generality of the people of Zimbabwe is realised in terms of service provision.

“The President is elected by the whole of Zimbabwe and as such, I am very happy when I hear the honourable member indicating the various programmes that His Excellency is doing in terms of service provision,” Ziyambi said.

Said Ziyambi, “What I am aware of is the celebration by members of the ruling party of the programmes that the President is undertaking and not any thieving. If there is any thieving, the police are ready to pounce on anyone who abuses whatever programme is happening. What we are aware of is that the generality of Zimbabweans are celebrating the efforts of His Excellency, the President to ensure that they are taken care of.”

Saruwaka, unsatisfied by Ziyambi’s answer gave a supplementary question.

“What is government doing to stop the abuse being perpetrated by Zanu PF activists who are taking over such programmes from civil servants mandated to run these programmes because they are saying these are Zanu PF programmes yet these are government programmes? What is his ministry doing to make sure that no one abuses these programmes?” Saruwaka queried.

“In his speeches, His Excellency indicates that there should be zero tolerance to corruption. If there is anyone who is doing anything outside of their mandate, the police are ready to arrest those individuals,” the minister said.

Mudenda also chipped in. “Order! Those who abuse the scheme should be arrested when reported”, but was interrupted by CCC MP Murisi Zwizwai, who interjected.

Zwizwai was later ejected by Mudenda for interrupting Parly business.

“It is not a question of being reported but varikusiya vamwe vanhu panze. Vana Wadyajena vachiri maChairman enyu yet vakanotenga mota yeyello,” Zwizwai shouted.